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Okay, it's become clear that I need to make this announcement again. I have a NEW FUCKING JOURNAL people. New.

Fucking add it because none of you half-assed mo fo's are leaving my any god damn comments and it's making me very angry,



fucking add itttttt!!!!!!!! OR I'LL KILL YOU.

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Nothing hot has really happened lately. School is going SHITTTTTYYYY. I am such a fucking bad student and it sucks because I really want to go to a good college. My prioroties are out of line. I'm out of line. And Lauren left today. Which makes me REALLY REALLY sad because well, I obviously love her. What am I gonna do for a week without my best friend?

But on a lighter note, my BBAAABBYYYYY is comming tomorrow! How exciting. I fucking love Dan. He's the best person I've ever known.

Let me know you're alive. Comment you dumb asses.

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Well, last night me and Lauren went to Tyler's to chill with some of the kids over there, pretty crazy. Not really wanting to get into the gorey details of it though. (Not that I could really remember what they were even if I did want to get into them.)

But yeah then I slept over and we were looking at all these trippy pictures cause they were so crazy. Then we watched like every video on Ebaums just cause... well, they're fucking hilarious.

Today I got picked up then went out for pizza and went bowling where I totally fuckin sucked at that. I think my high score was like.. 80. HAH! But yeah... then I came home and just lolly gagged around. Soon I'll probably start thinking about my homework. (Not doing it... yet.)

So yeah. Peace.

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Wow. O JEEZ. Today we got back from Bar Harbor... it was fucking sweet, hilarious, and fun. I don't even know where to begin. Well, how about from the begining.

We began our drive on Saturday, and the car was pretty hectic and packed, but Amanda and I managed to have some fun making REALLY sick faces at every car that came near us. We stopped in like.. some weird ass state that night to sleep cause we only drove half way that day.

The next day we drove all the way there and when we got to the campsite we were like UMM? (It looked small as hell!) But we got everything set up and it was pretty sweet. Then literally not even like 2 hours after we'd been there these FUNNY ass kids approached us. They were umm.. well let's say HOTTTTTT. And fucking funny. We chilled with them that night and went and hunted around some crazy ass haunted/abandoned house and saw the grave of like Bob Mayo or something. LOL.

The next day we went to Acadia (National Park) and WOW. It was SOOOO gorgeous there. I have pictures that I'll post sometime in the very near future. So we spent most of the day there, seeing the sights and what not then when we got home we cooked up some sweet ass dinner. After that we chilled with Dan and Phil. We met a kid that we later refered to as "Stoner". He was... REALLY creepy but funny because he kept on pretending he didn't know us even though he DID. Then Phil just got us like 2 bottles of Kaluah and we drank it randomly.. it was, sweet. Me and Amanda watched Captain Jack Sparrow that night. It was fun.

Next day was really hectic cause we biked at Acadia. Me and Amanda got really bad Roike. (Also refered to as "sass" or "swass". Basically it meant that our asses were sore as hell from biking like 10 miles in 2 hours.) But yeah we got a bad case of Roike. So then we went out for ice cream and it was hella good. Blah blah we chilled with Dan and Phil that night and Phil let us toke up on his shit. It was FUNNY cause we met this weird ass kid who was like bragging about his sweet ass lead guitarist in his band and me and Amanda and Phil were like UHHH. So phil pretended that Dan called his cell and was like "O yea sorry bro we gotta bounce." And thank god.

The next day was fucking funny because we went on the Todd. (A HUGE ass boat.) We were really funny on it and we took Jack Sparrow pics. It was damn cold on it though. Then we went out to dinner at this place right by the docks and we did "Oobidaghey" to this little kid and he started chasing us so we were like WTF? Then we found out he had like tooth issues so we tried to steer DAMN clear of him. We got this roikey blueberry pie and it was nasty. Then we went shopping and got a whole bunch of shit including a FUNNYYYYY bowl. It's disgusted as a flashlight and its so fucking funny. Then we went home and chilled with Philip and Daniel as usual. Jess tagged along for a bit too. And Stoner.

Thursday we woke up at like 6 because me and Amanda were going Deep Sea Fishing. Deep Sea Fishing was really funny because... well Arman and Randy were hilarious. Arman(d) was this HOTTTTTT ass 20 year old who looks like Dan (My boyfriend) in an older version and he was like our little tour guide. Me and Amanda wanted to screw Arman. Randy was a Will Ferril wannabe but he was really funny too. I caught 12 fish.. Amanda didn't catch any. She's a bad fisherman. This old ass man was telling us about how he went to this Resturaunt and they played the "fiddle" for him and how you have to be careful when you're camping cause if you drink the water there you could get the shitters. It was funny as hell. Then we hiked up this WEIRD ass mountain in Acadia and my mom flipped a shit cause she got scared witless by this flamboyant-retired-park ranger. Me and my dad got pissed that she made us go down... she got spooked. Then we got food and went back to the KOA and got some good eatin'. BUT Amanda's sharp eyes realised that Philip and Daniel were chilling with some cradle ass like 13 year old slut so we were like UHHHHHH. Then later we caught them up by the General Store where Dan was like "HARRY DUDE your brakes are SHOT!" Which we laughed at. Then....

Daniel filled us in that Philip (Hot ass) was MACKING it with a soon to be Freshman so me and Amanda were like EW CRADLE ROBBER! So me, Dan, Amanda, and Jess decided to ruin Phil's night with Little Miss Jail-bait. Then Jeff told us he puked all over the side of his car cause he "ate too much" and that was hilarious. Then we went to the tent and got MAD stinkbombs cause our plan was gonna be to throw them all near where Phil and Hoe were macking. Then we made up a plan that Dan would goup to Phil and be like "YO I JUST HOOKED UP WITH CHELSEA AND AMANDA" to make Phil feel like an ass for macking a baby. God the plan worked SO hotly and funnily. Phil got all weird and jelous like. And Dan was being FUNNY. He scaled the Hanicapped Shower in the shower place and god it was so funny. And he fingered a tree that looked like a vagina. LOL. Well yeah that night was really funny. Omg.

Friday morning we had towake up at 4:30AM cause we went to Acadia to watch the sun rise over Bar Harbor. It was really really pretty. I have awesome pictures from it. Then we pretty much packed up and headed out. We stayed at a hotel that night, we ordered hot ass room service and watched Mean Girls. Then today we went swimming for a little then watched Pirate Jack again. Then we ate at some resturaunt called like Dickheads or something then we got home.

Vacation was awesome.